Back At It

It’s been a long and short year. Of course that’s a bit of an oxymoron but those of you who have children understand what I mean. Since Landon has been born, it seems as though time has flown by faster than any year before. But looking back at the year, we have so many new memories it seems as though we’ve seen ten years pass since the day he was born. I know, I know, all that is so cliché but there is not a better way to describe it all. Thank you so much to all our family and friends who have been a constant blessing to us during this past year! Abbie is still employed with the NCPO and it’s been a wonderfully consistent and generous job for our family. Chris spent the past year working with OneSource Insurance Group. He has learned much, grown much, and hopefully helped much but he has chosen to move on from that career path in order to free himself up to focus on what his truest desires are. OneSource is an incredible opportunity and one that not everyone should look past, but as time went on, Chris realized the time had come to move on. Now, Chris is on the job hunt and is looking forward to possibly returning to fully finishing his Master’s degree this fall. All that and of course the day to day things of planting a few flowers, going on evening walks, church family ministries, is what is going on in our lives…oh, that and we are expecting our second child!


1 year later

Here’s a few more pictures! We want to give thanks to everyone that has come by and been such a blessing! We are so graced by God to have such wonderful friends & family! We would also like to thank those of you who haven’t been able to make it because many of you have told us that we are in your thoughts and prayers and that means so much to us! Take care and we look forward to seeing you.

Anticipation No More…

Landon arrived in this world at 9:55pm, weighing in at 8.5lbs, with a length of 20.5 in. In other words, he’s a big boy! After being dialated at 4.5 cm since 2:30 in the afternoon,at 7:30 the doctors decided that Landon was not coming normally! So you know what that means…and sure enough, after her caesarian, as soon as Landon was out, the doctor held him up and said “Yep, there was no way this guy was coming out of you the normal way!” But nonetheless, Landon is here and we are so excited. You know, the pains of childbirth are a curse of our sins. It’s unfortunate for us that we must go through them. But allow me an analogy in that God is able to make robes from our rags! In other words, even from our sins and the punishments of our sins, God is able to make something beautiful and magnificent and bring glory and honor unto Himself! What a great God we serve!


The induction day has arrived. We woke up and got out of bed about 6am and were out the door by about 7:45am. Now we’re here at Cox Hospital and Abbie is all hookd up to the IV; the Pitocin; and a few other good things. Abbie says the contractions are tightening so that’s a good thing. Now, if any of you come visit, you’ve got to try the cafe in the lobby. I had breakfast this morning but apparently not enough because after being here for about an hour, I became extremely hungry. So I figured I would run and grab something, plus the doctor and nurse said that the hungrier I am the more likely I am to pass out once the delivery actually starts…well…we don’t need that. So, I went out to the cafe hoping for an egg sandwich or something of the sort, but all I saw were muffins, and danishes. But the girl at the counter said they would gladly make me a ham ‘n cheese sandwich on a bagel. Absolutley I said. Needless to say, it was fantastic. The ham was piled so high and it was hanging out of the bagel. Mmmm. Anyway, just a little plug for the Cox Outpatient Center’s Cafe. Gotta go. Take care all!

The Countdown is On!

Monday is the day! Monday morning, March 23rd at 8:00 am you will find me (and Chris) making our way into Labor and Delivery at Cox hospital. (Unless of course Landon decides he wants to come earlier!) My doctor highly advised that we do what we can to have this baby pretty much as soon as possible, so Monday it is! Dr. Williams is estimating Landon to be over 8 lbs at this poing (SCARY!!) but acknowledges that really, it is very difficult to tell. I think we’re all hoping (for my sake) that he’s over shooting that size by quite a bit!

It’s crazy to think that in just 4 days (or 5 depending on how long the induction takes) that I will have a baby to hold. A baby to take care of. That Chris and I will be the sole providers for a new life. I mean, as a Christian I believe that life begins at conception, so we have already been parents for 9 months, but I’m gonna have to do more than eat to take care of him now! We will have to care for his every need… what a responsibility! But one we are so looking forward to. It really is SO close. I can’t belive it’s almost here, but I can’t wait!

Soon…. very soon!

So I’m 37 weeks now. 37 weeks! But I wish I was 40. It’s funny how you get to the end and it’s so easy to be anxious. You’re just waiting. Waiting for the contractions to start, or for something to happen, so that the basketball in your belly can come out! I’m so excited to meet this little guy. I can’t wait to see what he looks like, what kind of personality he has, what his talents are… all that stuff. Just to see WHO he will be.

So for those of you who don’t know…. Landon’s due date is March 30th. However 3 weeks ago at the last ultrasound, he was already estimated at 5lb 15 oz. Now these can be off about a pound either way, so we’re estimating him at 5-7 pounds… as of three weeks ago. So now he’s at least 6-8 pounds. With that in mind, my doc has decided that if Landon hasn’t made his grand appearance by my 39th week (March 23rd) he’ll be inducing me. I guess he doesn’t think I can handle a big baby!

That’s means that Landon will be here in the next 2 weeks!!! Which makes me very excited. I mean I’d rather him show up today, but I can handle two weeks!

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